Victor Delhez ( Antwerp 1902 - Argentina 1985 )

Victor Delhez (1902–1985), best known for his engravings.
In 1925, Delhez's parents died in a road accident, and he subsequently moved to Argentina, working as a draughtsman and architect, and contractor, in Buenos Aires from 1926-1933. He then moved to Bolivia, before moving back to Argentina in 1940. He settled in Chacras de Coria and took a post as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, National University of Cuyo.
While in Bolivia, Delhez produced a set of forty illustrations for the Gospels, and twenty-one for Lord Dunsany's "A Dreamer's Tales", while in correspondence with the author.
Delhez became better known from the 1930s, with what is considered to be his best work beginning during his time in Bolivia. Later themes included self-portraits, other parts of the Bible, notably the Book of Apocalypse, Dostoevsky and architecture. He was exhibited in cities such as Brussels (his sisters arranging a show of his "A Dreamer's Tales" works), Antwerp (Plantin-Moretus), the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian. Victor Delhez tended to produce short runs from his blocks, which has left some of his work scarce in original form.