Carla & Stéphane Arocha & Schraenen ( Caracas(Ven.)/Antwerp 1961/1971 )

In Untitled, 2013, the artist duo Arocha/Schraenen reprise a collaborative work they made in 2010, entitled As if. Reflecting on the idea of a fairy tale, a fictional space, a space that only exists on this specific scale and in the viewer’s imagination, one could speculate that the actual visit to a such a space could be disorienting and disconcerting if not a bit terrifying. As a potentially seductive space realised in a small scale, it could ultimately turn into the site for a nightmare as it could be a site for a game of hide and seek. This as a proposal exists only in this scale or as large as a viewer would harbor it in their minds. The art of Arocha and Schraenen evokes many relationships with preceding movements in art. Almost all of these associations relate to the umbrella of Modernism and the gradated ontology of its progeny later in the twentieth century; it evokes the formal qualities of Minimalism as much as the optical illusions of Op Art. And yet, it is actually neither.