Filip Francis ( Duffel 1944 )

Filip Francis pursued an education in painting but works in different media and is also known for his illustrations and conceptual art. Concerned with the confrontation between objectivism and subjectivism, the artist pushes the limits of the human vision by painting beyond what we are able to perceive. Since human vision can only record a limited part of reality, Filip Francis chooses to concentrate on the remaining part to give our vision some objectivity - this zone is the zone we see without looking at it. The artist does it by keeping only one point of view while he paints and sticks to that point. Therefore he hardly ever looks at the canvas while painting which sometimes makes him use his feet, two hands or even his mouth. He also studies on movements, memory and knowledge. Since he experiments vision field and questions the used codes and conventions of the pictorial representations, he sometimes works in the dark. Filip Francis offers an alternative way of presenting art and for looking at objects/subjects.