Nick Ervinck ( Roeselare 1981 )

Nick Ervinck explores the boundaries between various media. His work is a cross-pollination between digital constructions and physical sculptures. With a background in sculpture, he has always been fascinated by the way in which art has developed through the use of new materials and techniques. He turned towards architecture and applied sciences in order to find a new formal language generated by computer software, composing forms and designs that were unthinkable in the past. A strong fascination with the construction of space is clear in Ervinck’s work. Not only does he focus on the autonomous sculptural object, he also questions its spatial positioning and explores the experience and embodiment of space. Ervinck's work oscillates between the static and the dynamic, seeking new virtual or utopian territories. Using techniques in a 3D software environment, Ervinck derives images, shapes and textures from a wide variety of sources, such as basilicas, corals, dinosaurs, cottages, Rorschach inkblots, Chinese rocks and trees, manga, twelfth-century floral wallpaper, and anatomical parts. With the help of 3D software, he pushes new boundaries in art and attempts to renew the art historic tradition.