Bert Danckaert ( Antwerpen 1965 )

Bert Danckaert is a photographer who studied at the Academy for Fine Arts and at the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) in Antwerp and has shown his work in several solo and group exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. In his oeuvre, the artist depicts a strangely familiar universe: that of the unremarkable, undistinguished places in which all of us spend so much of our lives, places we pass through without giving them any notice, spaces that are just trajectories, parts of a line connecting one place with another. Places, in short, that define our lives and that of so many other people in the urbanized world. For Museum to Scale 1/7 he collaborated with conceptual Belgian sculptor John Van Oers in order to make a reconstruction of one of his photographs, entitled Simple Present #591 (Guangzhou). The photograph depicts a green wall with an abstract pattern made of electrical cables and plugs. The size of the photograph (58 cm x 39 cm) is approximately 1/7 of the actual wall in Guangzhou, Republic of China. The model for Museum to Scale 1/7 is a 3D version of the photograph on exactly the same size, like a cut out from reality.