Frank Maieu ( Antwerpen 1952 )

Frank Maieu’s large oeuvre consists of various series in which he works by a certain theme or by using a particular technique. These are mainly paintings and works on paper, but recently the artist started making terracotta figures. Frank Maieu’s work is a social critique against capitalism, extreme right, and the abuse of power. Drenched in irony and sarcasm, its is pertinently anti-cultural establishment. The artist’s style developed from realistic – with clear influences from surrealism and dadaism – to a more expressionistic style. The intervention he created for Museum to Scale 1/7 exemplifies Frank Maieu’s artistic démarche: everything can be upside down, linked with the suggestion that presentation of the reverse world might give a more truthful image than classical realism does. The worldview of the serious citizen and its matching artistic products full of rosy bliss give a false picture of reality.