Sergio De Beukelaer ( Deurne 1971 )

The works of Sergio de Beukelaer at first glance seem to be simple, yet they combine different paradoxes. After a closer look they reveal elements of post-modern art of the 60´s and 70´s, such as abstraction, geometry, monochrome, and the “hard-edge” technique. In addition De Beukelaer adds a few touches of irony, which is more an attribute of the minimalists. With this eclectic approach his work provides a postmodern critique on Pop-, Op-, and Conceptual Art. As with most of his paintings and sculptures, The MonoChrome Museum One starts from the idea of “color as a ready-made”, consisting of color blocks, each of which radiates color. Sergio de Beukelaer lives and works in Antwerp and has shown his work in exhibitions in Barcelona, Cologne, Paris, and Brussels, as well as in New York and Miami.