Karin Borghouts ( Kapellen 1959 )

Karin Borghouts studied painting and sculpture and has worked as a graphic designer. She began her interest in photography in 1999 and is now a fulltime professional visual artist and photographer. She photographs places, preferably architectural environments and interiors. Her work occupies a position between photography and visual art, and is rich in references to painting. Her photos have exhibited in major European and Japanese cities and can be found in the collections of the Photomuseum and the MAS in Antwerp Belgium. The photos in Room of Perception were taken in museums and zoos and depict the theme of showing or not showing. The photo on the left shows the packed paintings of Rubens in the Royal Museum of Fine Art Antwerp, which is in renovation. The floor of the Room of Perception references the tile floors on the paintings of the Flemish primitives.