Cindy Wright ( Herentals 1972 )

Cindy Wright’s paintings have an arrestingly claustrophobic effect. The artist, who graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Antwerp (K.A.S.K.A.) and completed her postgraduate work at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (H.I.S.K.), takes traditional themes of domestic still-life and genre painting and translates them through various dialects of modern and postmodern art to yield a kind of contemporary vanitas. The viewer is forced to scrutinize in detail such matter as glistening fat, creases in skin, flesh and fur, which in most images and in life, exist as a generalized blur. Paradoxically, the impact of the paintings is most pronounced at a considerable distance from the canvas, where the large-scale trompe l'oeil details coalesce into view. Move in closer to the canvas, and the details disappear into lovely, quasi-abstract impasto. In Museum to Scale 1/7 Wright provides an overview of her work, by reproducing several paintings that she made between 2006 and 2011, on a small scale.