Jean Brusselmans ( Brussels 1884 - Dilbeek 1953 )

Started his career as a printer and a lithographer. From 1904 he devoted himself entirely to painting. He studied at the Royal Academy in Brussels. His early work is influenced by both impressionism and realism. This was followed between 1912 and 1920 by his so called "Brabants Fauve period" influenced by his friendship with Rik Wouters and Ferdinand Schirren.
From 1920 he developed his own style, caracterised by geometric and stylistic compositions, using large colored fields, with constructivist brushstrokes. However he remained a wonderful colorist. Here we can see that his source of inspiration can been found with painters such as Braque, Picasso and Leger. From 1924 until his death he worked and lived in Dilbeek. Until today you can see his influence on Belgian painters. Until the 4th of september 2011 in the Muzee at Ostende there is an exhibition of his work from the '30. It is the first important exhibition since 1980.