Hans Richter ( Berlin 1888 - Minusio 1976 )

Hans Richter was considered one of the early Dadaists, a form of art which was marked by nonsense and travesty and it destroyed current aesthetic art standards. He was a member of the Dada movement of 1916- 1919. Known for his book Dada: Art and Anti-Art, his twenty two individual noted art shows, and five group art shows Richter created a name for himself.
Hans Richter was considered an American Artist even though he was born in Berlin, Germany on April 6, 1888. He studied at Falk Real Gymnasium in Berlin between 1894-1906 and at the Art Academy in Berlin in 1908. He graduated with his Master's Degree from the Art Academy in Weimar, Germany in 1909. Richter served his country in the war between 1914-1916 and was wounded and released to Switzerland in 1916. In 1919, his first scroll painting was made and released and in 1921 his first abstract film was produced. Richter's life never seemed to lack art. While in Europe, he was the chief producer of Central-Film in Zurich and also acted as a chief designer, artistic advisor and film/music critic for other companies.
In 1941, Hans Richter gained U.S. citizenship and became a member of the City Art Association in New York up until 1953 and a member of the American Abstract Artists of New York until 1946. In the years of 1942 up until 1956, he acted as the Supervisor and Professor of Films at the Institute of Film Technique at City College New York. 1948 was the year that he was the President of Art of This Century Inc. in New York
In Richter's life he had received eight publically recognized awards, one was received twice making it a total of nine awards. The awards are as follows: The International Prize for Film of Venice in 1947, R.J. Flaherty Award of New York in 1956 and 1966, Cross of Merit from the German Government in 1964, Big Cross of Merit in 1973, Honorary Member Society for Film in Hamburg in 1967, Art Prize of the City of Berlin in 1967, Member of Academy of Art and Science in Berlin in 1971, and the International Film Festival in Berlin in 1971.
Hans Richter passed away on February 1, 1976 in Locarno, Switzerland. Over the course of his life he managed to put out fifteen publications and fourteen films. His collections are on display at twelve different worldwide museums. There have also been nine works put out on Richter's life, achievements and works.