Huib Hoste ( Huibrecht 1881 - 1957 )

HOSTE Huibrecht, known as 'Huib' (Bruges, 1881 – Hove, 1957)
Architect, urban planner, furniture designer.
A co-founder in 1919 of the Société des Urbanistes Belges and also a founding member of the Congrès internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM). He is much committed to the reconstruction of Belgium’s devastated cities and villages after the First World War. For the completely demolished Church of Our Lady in Zonnebeke, he designs West Flanders' first example of ecclesiastical modernism. In 1921 he designs a garden district for Zelzate (East Flanders). He joins, in 1929, the artist's group Cercle et Carré of Michel Seuphor, and is named professor of architecture at the Institut supérieur de La Cambre in Brussels.