1955-1956 The Fifties

Paul Van Hoeydonck and Mark Verstockt were two prominent artists working in the Belgian Avant-Garde and during the Fifties. Born in 1925, Paul Van Hoeydonck is a printmaker and painter, who studied both archeology and art history in Antwerp. His first one man exhibition took place in that city in 1952. During the following years van Hoeydonck both lived and worked in Belgium and in the United States. His art is now included in the collections of leading museums in Europe and America. He started with figurative art but turned quickly to more abstract paintings inspired by views from the harbor where he worked for an American Oil Company. Afterwards he started making Space reliefs with plexiglass, sculptures of Robots and Astronauts, paintings of Planets. Mark Verstockt was born in 1930. He is a Belgian artist with the tendency to make geometric-constructivist and minimalistic art. He shows that in his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and videos in which he distinguishes his fascination for elementary shapes as squares, circles and triangles.