Guy Rombouts ( Geel 1949 )

For Museum to Scale 1/7, Guy Rombouts made a composition written in Azart, an alphabet the artist created in the mid eighties. Azart is based on the regular roman alphabet, and consists of linear signs that have their own color and forms that mimic existing words: A is for 'angular' and 'aquamarine', B is for 'barred' and 'bordeaux red' etc. The linear letter shapes allow to write in circles, and thus make closed objects out of words. For more than two decades now, the alphabet has served as a mechanism to generate a diversity of works: prints, paintings, objects, installations, monumental works in public space, etc. The conceptual framework of Rombout's work is very limited and tight, but the possibilities are as endless as language itself. Or to put it differently: Rombout’s way of working is but a frame in which a whole world of connections can appear.