Luc Kamagurka ( Nieuwpoort 1956 )

Kamagurka was born as Luc Zeebroek in Nieuwpoort, on the Belgian coast. He started his career as a cartoonist in 1972. As a cartoonist, he probably is most famous for his underground comic hero Cowboy Henk. His cartoons are published in several Belgian and Dutch magazines and newspapers, in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, and in the German Titanic. He did several shows on Belgian and Dutch television, had a radio show and makes theater/comedy shows. Kamagurka finds inspiration for his paintings and sculptures in everything from art movements and classical paintings, to icons from pop culture or even skylight windows, a fried egg, or his own, earlier work. Every painting has its own slightly absurd Kamagurka trademark. Instead of exhibiting tiny works of art in his tiny museum to scale, Kamagurka turned the museum walls, floor and ceiling into one big canvas. The collage works as a kind of retrospective and overview of his work. Kamagurka suggests the experience of entering a real, life-sized museum, and being completely surrounded by, even wrapped in the artwork of the exhibiting artist. In the middle of the museum stands the ‘Fried-egg Chicken’. This is Kamagurka’s answer to the question: what came first, the chicken or the egg? She fits well with the other fried eggs in the museum, but even so, is she a visitor or an exhibit?