Honoré D'O ( Oudenaerde 1961 )

Honoré d’O was a pupil of the Academy of Fine Arts in his home town Zottegem and studied architecture in Ghent. He developed an atmospheric visual language with an ironic vocabulary. The artist uses experimentation and invention in his works and often gives the public an active and sometimes creative role. The sculptures, videos, and installations by Honoré d’O show the components and possibilities for different scenarios. Using fairly down-to-earth materials he creates a visual situation that can potentially change the way the public looks and reacts to everyday things. For Ignition, the given materials for the Museum to Scale 1/7 were burnt in a garden fire. The ashes were collected and used to fill the lamps, which are reconnected to a reduced model of the scale-museum, embracing the initial moment of clear insight and explosive (re)start. Honoré d’O represented Belgium on the 51th Venice Biennale in 2005 and his works are spread over international collections with permanent installations in Japan, South-Korea, China.