Peter De Meyer ( Antwerpen 1981 )

Peter De Meyer is a close observer of his environment, translating his views in conceptual, yet comprehensible images. Collective memory and the art world are his playground. A large part of his work starts from the idea that objects, ideas and situations carry a long history and evoke a range of associations, both in individual and collective memory. With his creations – often subtle interventions in content and context – De Meyer cuts across predisposed expectations and creates the preconditions necessary to make the invisible visible. This blurs the line between reality and fiction, and the objects, ideas and situations are incorporated under a new logic or enriched by a fictitious course of life. In Time 1/7, his contribution to Museum to scale 1/7, De Meyer questions the idea of scaling as such, by not scaling an art piece but the abstract concept of time. In his museum, time runs seven times faster and the lights – referring to the opening and closing hours of the exhibition – follow the same rhythm. While the clock is ticking, he also reflects on the idea of time and confronts the spectators with the fact that sooner or later, they will be overtaken by it.