Stijn Cole ( Gent 1978 )

The work of Stijn Cole includes video, sculptures, models, installations, paintings, graphic work and mixed media. In his work, the perception of the environment is made abstract so that it gains a universal and conceptual value. The relationship between viewer, the work of art and the environment plays an important role each time. This installation made for Museum to Scale 1/7 shows two movements set in a forest. The four drawings are represented in their physical proportion opposite each other. The drawings do not show a panoramic view but show the same subject from changing angles. At the front of the room a second drawing is mounted onto the glass wall. The result is a feeling of estrangement - the spectator feels left out. Because of the scaling, the spectator must adjust to the size and enter the room mentally. This way the spatial aspect of the drawings is strengthened and the artwork is no longer a mere diorama but transcends to become an actual scaled space. In the middle, one can find a white twig. This is a digital replica of an actual twig cut at the primeval Bialowieza forest.