Joris Van de Moortel ( 1983 )

Since graduating from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Ghent, in 2009, Flemish artist Joris Van de Moortel, who is equally at home as a painter, sculptor, performer and musician, has been constructing his work in progress around the stigmata of his performances, as well as the objects that occupy his everyday world. Van de Moortel uses diversion and humor to give his works a poetic and cathartic dimension. By offering us his own interpretation of the ready-made, he invites us into his creative universe, which is in a perpetual state of precarious balance, illustrating the permanent tension between order and chaos which dominates his work, whether sculptural or musical. Van de Moortel’s museum to scale installation is based on the idea of the work Caves & Intestines, a sculpture of 6 x 3 x 1 ½ meters. Produced around 2008, it was a fast construction and fast work, a 24-hour studio with a noisy and a cosy playground to let one’s mind wander, an environment of chaos and the unknown.