Fred Eerdekens ( Heusden-Zolder 1951 )

Fred Eerdekens is internationally renowned for his sculptures and installations that explore our environment and atmosphere, manipulating light, material and language in playful and complex installations that render presumed stabilities senseless and ephemeral. His works are metaphors for the entanglement between reality and our individual conceptions of it, whereby both become ambivalent and yet palpable. The artist constructs his sculptures by playing with angles and perspective, each piece precisely detailed and constructed, as to subtly reveal the secrets within the artwork. The shadows in Eerdekens’ work are important to the installation as they give meaning to the entire composition. For his contribution to Museum to Scale 1/7, the artist has placed a sculpture in copper on a base; the light from a mini LED-light projector casts the sculpture's shadow in the artist's handwriting: last words delusion. Eerdekens received a diploma in Fine Art at PHL, Media, Arts & Design Faculty, in Hasselt, Belgium in 1975. His work features in more than twenty public and corporate collections worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art, Bolzano, Italy, The Norton Collection, USA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, and Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent, Belgium.