Philippe De Gobert ( Brussel 1946 )

Philippe de Gobert, who lives and works in Brussels, regularly exhibits in Paris and in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. Originally a painter, he turned to photography after having seen the dadaist work of Kurt Schwitters, which prompted him to abandon painting and begin assembling different materials and objects. His way of working is meticulous and exact. Following a detailed observation of the places surrounding him, the artist then constructs a model, which is always sterile and devoid of humanity, so that the structure itself will be the sole subject of his photographs. De Gobert describes his installation: “In my gallery room for Museum to Scale 1/7, I have set a very classical, 19th century scene, with vertical light, the construction details of which are visible, and in which the side doors (stage left and right) allow us to see backstage. I leave it up to the visitor to decipher the mystery of this room, according to his/her own understanding and imagination. The different aspects of my professional and artistic activities are shown in condensed form in that room.”