Felix De Boeck ( Drogenbos 1898 - Sint-Agatha Berchem 1995 )

Born in 1898 at his parents farm in Drogenbos where he will live and work his whole
live and where after his death the Felix Art Museum has been created. In the beginning of the twenties Felix De Boeck got inspired by the ideas of the“Stijl”formed by artists such as Piet Mondriaan and Theo Van Doesburg.
However he would never abondon complete the figuration in his abstract work ,which therefore can be best described as lyric-abstract. Together with Victor Servranckx,Karel Maes,Jozef Peeters and Georges Vantongerloo he belongs to the so called first generation”modernistic” artists in Belgium.
By the end of the twinties ,influenced by events in his personnal life ,his work became mystic realistic. His method of working often consisted of scratching with a compas on monochrome painted colorfields. In 1997 a museum dedicated to his work is built in Drogenbos. This museum shows not only work of Felix De Boeck but also related artists such as Joostens, Paul Van Hoeydonck...