Guy Mees ( Malines 1935 - Antwerp 2003 )
GM-308 Verloren Ruimte, 1965
Kant, blauwe neon, hout
460 mm diameter
Guy Mees - The Weather is Quiet, Cool and Soft, Mu.Zee, Oostende, (24.11.18-10.03.19).
Lilou Vidal, Guy Mees, The Weather is quiet, cool and soft, 2018, p.17 ill.
Artist Biography:
The works of Guy Mees look very miscellaneous. He made paintings, sculptures and “paper reliefs”, installations and films. How diverse his work is, it always contains references to the painting. Elements such as color, surface, lines, frame and depth determined the research of the artist.
He explored the boundaries of painting : how far can one go within the medium painting and where are the boundaries between painting and other disciplines?
Guy Mees wanted to question and investigate the art of painting.
Although the notions of 'beauty' and 'decorative' are rather suspect within the context of contemporary art, Guy Mees was not frightened of the simple beauty and decorative.
His works are often pleasant to look at, sensual and decorative.
The artist avoided interviews and commentary. He chose to leave the interpretation of his work to the spectators. In this way his work stayed dynamic and open to interpretation.
This inconsistency is an essential feature of his works. They are fragile: the volatile is predominant.

GM-308 Verloren Ruimte, 1965