Pierre-Louis Flouquet ( Paris 1900 - Dilbeek 1967 )
Henriette Flouquet, 1920
Pencil on paper
260 x 250 mm
Signed Pierre Flouquet at the bottom right and bottom left title Henriette Flouquet
Private Collection, Brussels
Knokke, Gallery Ronny Van de Velde, 7 arts, 2017
Xavier Cannone, 7 Arts, 1922-1928, Gallery Ronny Van de Velde, Knokke, 2017, p. 86 ill.
Artist Biography:
Pierre-Louis Flouquet, is a Belgian poet and abstract painter.
Established in Brussels from 1910, he studied during the first world war to the Académie des Beaux-Arts. He made the acquaintance of René Magritte, with whom he shared a Studio and exposes. Then both will evolve differently, Magritte joining the surrealism and Flouquet remaining faithful to the pure plastic.
Flouquet became known in modernist circles with works of a new spirit to the border of Cubism and Futurism. In 1920 he participates in the exhibition "Exposition Internationale d'Art Moderne" in Geneva. In 1922 he launches the magazine "Ca Ira" together with K. Maes, G. Monnier and the brothers Bourgeois. In 1934 he stops painting and dedicates himself to poetry and publishing

Henriette Flouquet, 1920